Rubberized seagrass is an environmentally safe material produced of the sea weed soaked and glued together with the natural latex.
The seagrass is a resilient mattress padding of medium firmness. Due to its being nice to the touch and unique natural properties, the seagrass has been among the best and time-proven padding materials. The seagrass boasts of quite high concentration of all microelements found in the ocean water.

One kilogram of seaweed contains as much iodine as 100,000 litres of the ocean water. Benefits of the seaweeds have been known since very ancient times. The record shows that as early as in the 8th century, seaweeds were used in Oriental medicine for treatment and prevention of many diseases. Even today various seaweeds remain integral part of everyday life of people living in Asia, Latin America and Europe.

Mattresses with seagrass padding are usually recommended to customers as absolutely safe. Moreover, warmed by human body, the seagrass mattress layer emits iodine, which is in most cases healthy for the organism. A mattress padded with the seagrass has unique properties, excellent strength and resilience as well as good breathability. Such mattresses do not absorb any moisture, they are hypoallergic and durable, have good body supporting, orthopedic and curative properties, and provide aromatherapy treatment. Their beneficial features practically do not deteriorate during the total lifetime of the product. The seagrass not only reinforces the immune system, but also makes your sleep sweet, tight and positive, bringing light breeze into your bedroom.

Seagrass woven on jute
Environment-friendly material is produced by weaving seagrass fibers on jute. It boasts of good body support and unique combination of orthopedic effect and aromatherapy. The seagrass is saturated with iodine and minerals, enhances immune status of the organism, makes your sleep undisturbed, filled with positive energy and tang of sea-salt.                   The manufacturers cover the jute framework with dried seaweed. Due to naturally created apertures, the mattresses provide excellent breathability and, which is equally important, prevent condensation.
An advantageous feature of the seagrass padding is a high content of iodine (1 kg of seaweed contains as much iodine as 100,000 litres of the saline sea water). Sleeping on such mattresses turns into an aromatherapy session. Iodine vapors including minerals, aminoacids and bioactive agents, are necessary for normal thyroid functioning and have an impact on immune system reinforcement and easing the nerves. The seagrass fiber is healthy for diabetic patients, as it contains vanadium, which is helpful for blood sugar level lowering.           

Seagrass woven on jute is a natural material charged with sea energy and iodine ions. Sleep on the seagrass mattress gives excellent relaxation and freshness. The mattress has good breathability, provides light massaging and calming action, supports humidity and temperature balance of the sleeping person, prevents static electricity, which may cause overheating, sweating and discomfort.