Camel wool


From long ago in the East, the camel wool was considered as sacred and its presence in the house was believed to make the owners happy and lucky. Oriental culture is widely borrowed in Europe, this is true about camel hair materials as well. Products made of camel hair become the most prestigious and popular in many countries.

Manufacturers of mattresses use 100% natural camel wool knitted on Spunbond. It is produced by needle punching method from soft thick threads.

Lanolin (wool fat) content in camel hair is greater than in any other wool. At 36-37 ºC lanolin is easily absorbed in the skin and has beneficial effect on it, as well as fight against such diseases as various types of arthritis and neuritis, osteochondrosis, rheumatism etc. Due to its heating effect, this padding helps to cure microcirculatory disorders, causes vasodilatation, activates metabolic processes in the body, and stimulates tissue regeneration.

Camel hair detoxifies the body and provides cosmetic effect, rejuvenating the skin and making it firmer and softer.


Besides, camel wool does not accumulate static electricity and removes it better than other materials. This is especially important to modern users of electric home appliances and computer devices, as camel hair is an excellent protection against “techno-aggression” coming from all electric devices in the house. In the East they also believe that camel wool protects from social aggression and negative impact of the environment (helps to cure punctures in esoteric energy).

Outer surface of camel hair fibers is waterproof while the core has absorption capacity of up to 30% of its own weight. This padding is recommended to people with excessive sweating or weak immute system, teenagers, elderly people, and for cold prevention.

Camel wool is hollow, which makes it additionally thermal isolating and lightweight. The wool protects not only from hypothermia during cold periods, but also from over warming during hot season. It is much stronger and weights twice less than the sheep wool. Another unique property of the camel hair is that it does not provoke allergy unlike other kinds of wool. This is very important in the situation when the number of patients with allergies and intercurrent diseases substantially increased. Camel noil causes absolutely no irritation. On the contrary, it soothes the irritated skin.

Due to above properties, camel hair and noil is considered the most acceptable padding material for mattress production.