Coir products



Modern mattress manufacturers use a wide range of various materials, which determine performance characteristics and sleeping quality. Coir fiber is quite popular in mattress production.

The coconut is the fruit of the coconut tree found throughout the tropics. The coconut is a drupe with the hard shell covered with the fibrous husk. This fibrous material known as coir is used in mattress production.

Coir padding production process takes quite much time and effort, therefore mattresses with coir layer are rather expensive. The fibrous husks are soaked in the sea or moving water for a long time (up to 10 months). Then the fibers are manually hackled and dried. Later on, short curly fibers are felted to produce padding for cushions, soft furniture and springless mattresses. Only softened short felted coconut fibers are good for padding, other coir types are used in other industries.

In order to produce pliable, resistant to sagging and breathing padding , the manufacturers spray coir mat with the natural latex rubber. This allows to make the coir layer stable and tough, so that it does not break or crumble.
Rubberizing of coir makes the padding more resilient, strong and durable, with its solid texture and load resisting. Rubberized material makes the mattress length stable while its width is quite elastic; this prevents sagging of the mattress in the middle, but allows it to respond optimally to the body weight and to support the body curves correctly. Therefore orthopedic mattresses usually include coir layers.
Among coconut coir properties there are: antibacterial and moisture-repellent properties, excellent heat exchange and ventilation, rot resistance, antiallergic breathing features. The tropical sun, absorbed in the coir, creates positive sleeping environment.

Coir’s key advantages:

Mattresses with coir layer are recommended to locomotorpatients, as the firm core is comfortable for spine. Coir products have proven orthopedic properties, therefore they are very good for absolutely healthy people as well!