The horsehair padding is used in deluxe mattresses (which are also the most expensive ones) and provide the owner with night rest of exceeding comfort and coziness.

The horsehair padding layer is sculptured of long hair from the manes and tails of horses or ponies.

Mattress industry uses only high quality horsehair, which is rubberized (sprayed with latex) to enhance material’s performance potentialand prolong its service life. The hairs are bonded together into a mat 20 millimeters thick. The padding’s density is about 70 kg/m3 (in comparison, the density of the water is 1000 kg/m3). In other words, the rubberized horsehair is a very light material with its average density close to the tough imported polyurethane foam of high density. The horsehair sheets consist of 50% of horsehair and 50% of latex. Latex cover protects the sheet from various microorganisms from mold to dust mites. They can live neither in the artificial nor in the natural latex.

Horsehair mattress offers the following advantages:

Horsehair mattresses are quite expensive due to the high prices of the raw material. However, the properties added by the horsehair layer, are worth any investments made in it. Such mattresses are quite firm and resilient,they are durable and excellently distribute the load among the core block springs. Horsehair mats protect mattresses innersprings, so that even after 10 years the springs will not protrude and make sleeping uncomfortable. 

Rubberized horsehair is recommended in firm mattress models for customers who prefer resilient and firm sleeping surfaces – in combination with latex and/or coir.
The horsehair boasts of natural sound isolation and extremely high breathability. Fiber’s structure allows to let the moisture out and thus create healthy microclimate. Hair from horse’s tail is a special material. It is a very robust and coarse fiber with an open core. The structure of its core channel and surface scales perfectly suits for ducting the humidity out.

The horsehair on jute is the best natural (organic) material used as padding for soft furniture elements: it shows high pliability, resilience and durability. In the course of time the horsehair does not flake off, does not produce dust, it immediately springs back without giving in to deformation. The horsehair layer in the mattress provides excellent breathing, absorbs humidity and prevents the ingress of moisture into deeper layers, protecting the owner from unpleasant feeling humid.

Before the horsehair is used in mattress production, it is thoroughly sorted, washed and combed. After that the horsehair sheets are formed by one of the 2 methods: either by quilting as the cotton batting or by spraying with latex as the coconut coir.

This list of horsehair’s beneficial features is still far from being exhausted. Its chemical composition is close to that of the wool: both horsehair and wool are penetrable, they absorb moisture and provide pleasant dry feeling. However, there is a difference – the horsehair is more robust and therefore resistant to fraying out. Natural horsehair layer makes the mattress perfectly breathing. This hair prevents attacks of rheumatic pains, and microorganisms cannot live in it. The horsehair enhances mattress’s hygienic properties as it is repellent to moisture and odors. The isolation layer is usually placed between latex slab and wool or cotton outer side.

Rubberizing makes the horsehair padding even more resilient. Horse hairs are evenly bonded together with small drops of latex to produce an isolation material. Thus even without adding artificial chemical adhesives, it is possible to create tough and strong layer, in which the fibers preserve their natural form. The horsehair is specially processed to minimize the possibility of allergic reaction to it.
The horsehair is used by manufacturers of high-quality mattresses and other cushioned furniture to increase durability and comfort of their products. The horsehair is a very valuable and expensive material with health-beneficial properties. It is considered the noblest padding material and is applied in production of expensive mattresses which are stitched manually according to the traditional technology. Such products are very popular in Europe, especially in Great Britain.

The horsehair layer can be inserted into both springless and innerspring orthopedic mattresses – depending upon the targeted effect. On the other hand, the horsehair padding adds greater firmness and resilience. The specialists believe that combination of horsehair and coir layers is the best option for healthy furniture for sleeping. Therefore, today these issues are being actively researched.

Advantages of horsehair mattresses:

Mattresses with horsehair layer show evident orthopedic properties and are suitable both to children and adults. If properly used and maintained, they can serve for no less than 10 years, giving comfort and coziness to their owners!